Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life Icing

Finally a new update. Been waiting for Brandon to post so i can jack it. This whole post is taken from Brandon's blog. Check him out. Giving credit where credit is due ;)

When you've got nothing to do on saturday night, what do you do?
a swinger party!

kev getting in the spirit of things

as was kris with his pda. get it.

it was too bad they looked kinda beat, or else this would have been much more entertaining.

gian going into warp speed

very fun. i was actually pleasantly suprised by how good of a time I had. it's too bad I didn't get a hj/bj in the bathroom by some hot chick, but I digress...


jomo said...

damn that's a nasty pic of kris. me jealous.

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