Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Y'all aint ready!

We're doing it again... Slightly Dangerous: Las Vegas 2010! Mark your calendars now, request the entire week off, get someone to watch your dog (or kids), start shopping for your new outfits, hit the gym, and get ready because we're taking over Vegas, August 20th - 22nd!

[Friday, August 20th]:
Gold Lounge at the Aria

[Saturday, August 21st]:
Liquid Daytime Pool Party at the Aria
Haze Nightclub at the Aria
Tao at the Venetian

[Sunday, August 22nd]:
Tao Beach at the Venetian
Lavo at the Venetian with DJ Vice

Oh that Leo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hotel Rooftop Party.

We're bringing Los Angeles' popular outdoor Summer event, Lemonade, to San Diego this Sunday, August 1st to the exclusive Sé Hotel rooftop pool. Plus, we've got Mark Munoz (UFC) coming through for his official UFC Live After-Party. Come mingle with SD's finest, enjoy the good vibes, dance to all your favorite hits, and have a few drinks with us!

DJ Drewbryd (Dom Kennedy) - LA
DJ Mahjestik (Z90) - NJ
DJ Julz (Mindz Alike) - SD

[Sé Hotel's Rooftop Pool]:
San Diego’s premier 5 star hotel, Se Hotel offers a stylish rooftop pool bar & lounge. An oasis in the heart of the city, Siren features a phenomenal Function One sound system, inviting day beds framing an infinity edge pool with a wide selection of cocktails and light cuisine in a unique outdoor setting with intimate private cabanas for bottle service.

[Drink & Bottle Specials]:
$6 Domestic Beers
$6 Milagro Tequila
$6 Vodka Drinks

$30 Champagne Bottles

For cabanas, table and bottle reservations please call: 619.515.3093
[General Info]:
21+ | Dress Code: Casual | No Flip-Flops | No Shorts

Presented by: Victory Nightlife, HVYRSNL, Pinoy Fight Club, Alex Retodo, Rob Zoomy, & TK Nguyen


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic Con 2010.

Hands down, the dopest toys there. I love Puppet Master.

Is that mothaf*ckin' LL?

I don't know what these dudes were supposed to be but they sure as hell scared the sh*t outta me.



Gay x 2.

Christian with the Lego made Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Lego made Sponge Bob! I had to.

Definitely the hottest chick there. Them dudes/girls were sleepin' on this. Next time i attend the Con, i'm going straight to the back! Haha. Til next year.

Sperry Top-Sider Bahama.

Combining a deck shoe with a moccasin-style toebox, the Bahama is Sperry Top-Sider’s own version of the modified style. Simple in its aesthetics, three new versions were recently introduced each sharing a commonality in the upper material. Black, blue and gray woolen uppers make for a departure from the usual material choices. Available now online through Sperry Top-Sider with a retail price of $55 USD.

Friday, July 23, 2010


After witnessing that toy orgy earlier in the day. I went to go show some support for DJ Julz & DJ EdROC at Confidential for a Lions Gate film party.

This picture doesn't really do much justice for the burger but the sliders they have at Confidential are top notch. Definitely filled me up.

Brandeezy in the house. Someone needs to tell this fool to update his blog!

Big Gee lookin' snazzy as always.

Even Joe Iggy came out to support.

DJ EdROC & the infamous DJ Virus aka MikeVirus.

Toy Orgy.

That's how we get down at the shop aka 5D.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Backpacks biitch.

Japanese company master-piece recently brought their goods overseas with a showing at the (capsule) tradeshow in New York City. On display were several bag designs for Spring/Summer 2011, reflecting simple yet functional aesthetics amongst warm color tones and nomadic patterns. Most featured a series of multi-colored panels built on duffel bags, backpacks, rucksacks, and multi-purpose pouches. Surely a lot to look forward to come 2011.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Crab Hut, Zion, Shabu.

I went to go check out the soft opening of Crab Hut in downtown with Julz (MindzAlike) for our so called "Man Date."

Here's a couple shots of the restaurant. It's a lot bigger than the original location. Definitely a must for pre-parties before getting sh*t faced in downtown. ( Can you spot DJ edROC (MindzAlike)? )

I got the usual Cajun Fries, Tomato Basil soup, & Cocktail shrimp. Still as good as the original.

After lunch, Julz and I went to go meet up with Edric, Hannah, Gian, Josie, Klev, and Judy aka the usuals to hit up Zion Market for ingredients for Hannah Humpdays/Julz bday edition.

Check out Julz drooling over the various MEATS.

After the errands were done, we decided to hit up Shabu Shabu in Clairemont to test our skills in the culinary arts. Ok, we learned how to make some bomb ass soup.

The broth aka B-R-O-th to the finished product tasted so f*ckin' amazing. I definitely recommend people to come and try it sometime.