Friday, July 31, 2009

Strange Arrangement.

We took the long and steady road
And from the start you had a heart of gold
You broke the mold
I never thought you would decide
The grass was greener on the other side of love's divine

You were everything that i wanted and more
Now we can't go back where we started never be like before

Darling me and you, we had a strange arrangement
But you broke all the rules and I'm through playing the fool for love
Darling yes it's true, we had a grand engagement
But i can't stand by while you break my heart in two
I've got be a man baby I've got to make a stand so...

So now we've gone our separate ways
But in my heart i feel the burning flames of love's remains
I'll have to find somebody new
But all who dare will be compared to you
What can i do?

You were everything that i dreamed i would find
Now we can't go back where we started this is the end of the line.


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